About US

We are not like most traditional law firms and traditional divorce lawyers. We are environmentally friendly utilising technology to leverage our workflow processes. 

We are a small but fierce team of women who operate like clockwork. We met deadlines, we return your calls and we are one step ahead of the pack. 

We offer advice which is practical and easy to understand. We don’t use fancy language when we meet with you. We provide you with real and raw advice.

We understand seeing a lawyer can be overwhelming and it is usually at a time when your chips are down. We strive to ensure you understand and are guided through the process.

We are happy to answer your questions and explain the why’s and what if’s. Our fixed fee offering means you can call and email as often as you need and we will provide you with the answers you are seeking.

We value communication and education. We provide advice in a manner for our clients to feel at ease and comfortable with the process. 


Matters settled without a trial


Matters settled at mediation

Coffees consumed by our lawyers

Fearless advocates

Our lawyers are here to listen. Our role as lawyers is to be your advocate and we will stand by your side and help you on your journey. We will build a rapport with you. We will get to know you, your family and your plans. We will keep you on track when you veer off. We will fight for you and with you. We will be honest with you, just make sure you’re honest with us. Are you ready to tackle your separation with support and guidance? If you’re nodding then book your appointment online here

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