emma hall




The chief

Emma joined our team in 2017 and is our receptionist, chief organiser and in her words ‘all round legend’. 

Emma is front of house answering our phones, emails and looking after clients as they walk through the door. Emma captures people with her open and talkative style. She acknowledges that people come to our office during a stressful time in their lives and she goes above and beyond to connect with them and ensure they are at ease during the process.


Emma believes that a great receptionist is the essential glue that holds a team together and she does that for our team. If she isn’t charming our client’s with her comedic flair and clever wit she is nagging our staff to ensure everything is done on time and when promised! And when your matter is over and you say to Emma, “No offence but I hope I never see you again”, she will laugh. Her mission is to make a difference and help our clients along the way to make the process as painless as possible.

Why Mandurah Legal?

Emma chose to work with Mandurah Legal as she loves being part of a small team. She enjoys knowing all of our clients individually and being involved in their matters.