monica miller


Family Lawyer


I went to university to challenge myself and at the time decided to study accounting and business law.  Accounting never truly inspired me. I knew I wanted to make a difference and help people, but I didn’t always know what that would look like.  As the middle child in an opinionated family I grew up mediating and negotiating. When I started studying business law and working at a youth outreach program, I discovered law would allow me to help people in a challenging environment. I decided to follow my passion of helping others and it lead my on a path to Law. After university I worked as a law clerk for small multi-disciplinary law firm in Mandurah. From there I was able to discover my passion for family law which has grown over time.


In 2018 I left Mandurah and started working for a fast-paced national law firm. I started in Perth before spending 6 months working in Brisbane and Melbourne. Working for a fast-paced firm gave me invaluable Court experience but it did not truly allow me build relationships and help clients the way I wanted to. There is no one size fits all in Family Law. Every case is different and should be looked at with fresh eyes.  I believe the best outcomes are the ones parties are able to work together to reach an agreement best for each party and their children. Whilst they are sometimes unavoidable, Court proceedings should always be the last resort.

Why Mandurah Legal?

When I decided to return to Western Australia Mandurah Legal was my first choice. Having previously worked on the opposing side of Mandurah Legal I knew the way they operated. I wanted to work somewhere that focused on helping and empowering clients. Mandurah Legal ensures clients are well informed and understand all potential options available to them. Working at Mandurah Legal has allowed me to see just how effective empowering clients can be. Matters are able to settle quickly and clients are much happier  knowing exactly what they are agreeing to.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Business Law)
  • Juris Doctor
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies