pricing Structure


We don’t like surprises and hidden catches. We prefer to be clear and straight to the point so we designed our fee structure to match.

We only offer agreed-fees. This means before you engage our office you will receive a detailed cost agreement outlining what we are going to do, what we won’t be doing, how much it will cost you and how long it will take – simple.


Initial consultation

One hour appointment to gain clarity on the direction of your matter.  This is your first meeting with your lawyer to discuss your matter and prepare a plan to move forward.

Follow on appointment

One hour appointment to discuss the progress of your matter since our last meeting with you and to create a further plan for you. 


Engage the firm to act on your behalf with all work, fees and time frames agreed upon before we start. Clear and transparent. No time billing to ensure you are able to contact us as many times as you need during your engagement.
Initial consultations give clarity and structure to your matter. Usually when you separate you are feeling a little lost, confused and overwhelmed. Let us help you untangle the mess and point you in the right direction. Our consultation is one hour and will leave you feeling in control and at ease.
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