rachel weaver


Office manager and Senior Legal Assistant

Expert organiser

Rachel is our Senior Legal Assistant at the office providing support to our lawyers to ensure your matter is always moving forward. It is important to Rachel that clients are kept up to date, feel supported and listened to. You will not go ignored.

Rachel will work on each and every file each week to ensure deadlines are met, communication is maintained and we are proactive in our actions. She is able to do this by utilising our systems and processes to maximise productivity. The office and court diary is monitored, disclosure collated and prepared, correspondence prepared and sent, to mention a few. Organisation is key.

Rachel often takes the time to reflect on things we can do better in the office and as a team to ensure we provide you with the best possible experience during difficult times. She is always friendly and approachable and likes to stay positive in the office. Rachel will be the silver lining in your cloud.

Why Mandurah Legal?

It was the firms reputation which first drew Rachel to work here.  Mandurah Legal is well known for being honest, upfront and easy to deal with. She then dug a little deeper into the roots of Mandurah Legal and was impressed with the growth and determination of the firm whilst remaining a humble, local firm. This showed her that Mandurah Legal is a firm which is genuine and passionate and something she wanted to be part of.

Rachel has since learnt what you see is what you get at Mandurah Legal. We are real people, with a realistic approach and do not rest on our laurels.


Prior to moving to Western Australia in 2013, Rachel graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a Bachelor of Laws and Postgraduate Diploma. Following graduation, she went on to complete her legal training and was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in England and Wales in 2012. Whilst not admitted to the roll here in Western Australia, Rachel brings with her a wealth of experience in family law and over 10 years of experience in the industry.