Senior Family Lawyer

Wealth of experience

Shivon is passionate about helping clients. She is attentive, accommodating and willing to go above and beyond for her clients.

Shivon has been practicing Family Law for close to 20 years and is well respected in the profession. Her advice is honest, compassionate and easy to understand.

She represents clients on all family law matters.



Lady justice

Two Decades of Experience & Passion for Family Law

Shivon has been practising exclusively in Family Law in Mandurah for two decades and she is well respected in the profession.

Shivon brings a wealth of experience to her matters and she is passionate about assisting her clients across all aspects of Family Law.

This depth of experience provides a significant advantage when initially assessing a matter and also throughout the running of a case. 

Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Court Litigation

Shivon has a wealth of experience in resolving financial and parenting matters through negotiation, mediation, Legal Aid Family Dispute Resolution and Court litigation.

She keeps her clients fully informed throughout the process and takes the time to explain the steps so that her clients understand options available to them.

Lady justice

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