I can draft my own Will, right?

Oh this old chestnut…as a lawyer I tend to avoid telling people what I do. Why? Because most events I attend end up with someone asking me a legal question and the hot favourite is always a variation of “What do you think about post office wills?”. Now, I am all for DIY and saving a penny but not when it comes to the important stuff. There is an old saying “good ain’t cheap and cheap ain’t good“.

Will Kits serve a purpose but the purpose is limited. I have seen the damage they can create. I have read some interesting and heartbreaking cases involving well-intended people who just got it wrong. Miss out a word, misunderstand your estate and things will go bad.

Let’s be real, why have a will? They are powerful little documents because they transfer all your worldly belongings to the people you want them to go to. Your beneficiaries will benefit from your hard work.

And here comes another favourite quote I hear way too often “I only have debt and my family can have that” *insert awkward laugh at terrible joke*

I normally smile and laugh and then say what about your biggest asset? No, not your house with the mortgage or your car. It is usually your life insurance policy or superannuation. Add that to the house and toys plus all the other things you have worked hard for in your life and all of a sudden your estate might be worth 1,2,3,4 even over $500,000. Now if you have half a million dollar of assets to give to loved ones are you going to take your chance on a $30 will kit?

For $400 you can save yourself, your family and your estate a lot of time, money and heartache. Let us do the hard work.

All you need to do is make an appointment online. We will send you some basic forms to fill in and then chat to you in to our office. We will answer all your questions and make sure your Will and other estate planning documents are going to protect your family. You can have peace of mind that they will be protected and provided for.

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