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Work with lawyers who provide honest legal advice using language you can understand.

What we do

Feeling a little stuck?

Unsure what to do? Unsure whether your financial settlement is fair? 

Our profession team will guide you through the legal process to ensure you fully understand every step of the way.

We educate and empower you to enable yourself to make decisions for your future. We will work with you to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome.




The formal ending of a marriage. We make the process quick and easy. Leave the paperwork to us.

Financial settlement

Sorting out the saucepans and towels is the easy bit. Let us help you understand how the big ticket items should be disbursed and make sure you recieve what is fair in the circumstances

Child-related matters

Parenting matters are emotional and overwhelming – we get it. Our lawyers offer practical solutions to your difficult problems ensuring the best outcome for your family.

Why we are different


Mandurah Legal is modern, tech-savvy and straight-shooting.  Owner and senior family lawyer, Kerstin Stringer had a vision of creating a law firm which was committed to helping their clients. The team will answer all of your questions and you will be supported throughout the process. We will get to know you, your family, your interests, your visions for the future and we will work with you to achieve them. 

“Justine, the professional and ethical advice this morning was very much appreciated. It took a weight of my shoulders. I highly recommend Mandurah Legal.”

Meet our team

“I could not ask for a better legal team than that of Mandurah Legal! They have been there every step of the way and continue to be there. No question is left unanswered nothing is ever a trouble. They have been an absolute god send when it comes to going through legal proceedings I couldn’t speak more highly of Kerstin. It is hard to find words that can actually express my sincere thanks for what she has done.” 


We like to keep things simple especially when life if feeling complex. We keep our advice to the point and easy for you to understand. 




“Thank you Justine. I came away from my appointment feeling much happier  

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